Virtual Linux Desktops - Great for many uses!

  • Testing or trying Linux for the first time
  • Keeping your computer in the cloud
  • Great for Developers

Quality Linux Desktops in the Cloud

Everything you love about Linux, without the hassle of installing and configuring it. Unable to permanently mess up the desktop. If you do something that breaks it, just restart and it will revert back to normal!

Technologies used:

QVD, Ubuntu, Plasma 5, Linux, Debian, KDE, Gnome, MATE

Safe and Secure Backups

Forget about backing up your computer, we take care of that for you! All data is backed up automatically.

What we do

Delivering high quality desktop environments to you is what we specialize in. We give you a computer to work on and we keep it up-to-date and backed up. It is always ready when you need it!


This is the perfect platform to develop on. All your files and applications are always ready when you are. Files are backed up and easily retrievable.


This is as secure as you keep your password. If you keep your password safe, then your virtual computer is safe and secure!


Personal settings can be changed and remembered every time you login.

Your Desktop in the Cloud

This is YOUR computer in the cloud. Use it as you see fit (as long as you abide by our Terms and Conditions).

Linked to Cloud Accounts

You can attach Dropbox or Google Drive to have extra storage.

Extremely Affordable

With a 30-day free trial, and then only $15/month afterwards...you can afford to keep this computer in the cloud for as long as you want/need!

Get Started!

$5.00/Month - No Data Retention
(Once you logout all data is lost)

After you subscribe, look for an email with your username/password, then connect with one of the apps on the right.